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CEMS research team finds enhanced functionalities for electrochromic gels

February, 2015

Electrochemical Materials & Devices
C. Daniel Frisbie, Tim Lodge

Post-doctoral associate Hong Chul Moon, Regents Professor Timothy P. Lodge, and C. Daniel Frisbie, Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Head, recently published pioneering research on "Solution Processable, Electrochromic Ion Gels for Sub-1 V, Flexible Displays on Plastic" in the journal Chemistry of Materials.

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Francis and Frisbie part of UMN team researching wearable electronics to treat brain disorders

October, 2014

Electrochemical Materials & Devices, Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials, Materials Processing
Lorraine Francis, C. Daniel Frisbie

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota, including CEMS Professors Lorraine Francis and C. Daniel Frisbie, has its sights set on treating the symptoms of tinnitus, the first in a line of neurological disorders — without the need for surgery. These experts, ranging from computer engineers to apparel designers, are working together to develop a groundbreaking new technology—thin, wearable electronics that attach to the skin and deliver low electric currents to specific regions of the brain and decrease symptoms of brain disorders. 

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